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Moving more things from my head to a reference system

Bookmarks Bar

Optimizing the bookmarks bar in my Browser has really made my life much easier. I have never used the Bookmarks Bar before working at GitLab (and still don’t on my personal laptop). From left to write, here’s what lives on my Bookmarks Bar:

  • Company Agenda
  • Group Conversation Agenda
  • Data Meeting Agenda
  • Create New Issue in Data Project
  • Data page in the handbook
  • Our dbt docs (not dbt’s documentation)
  • Periscope page in the handbook
  • MRs authored by me (so that I can follow up on things I’ve assigned to others)
  • KPI page in the handbook
  • (Changes based on what I’m working on)
Last updated on 3 Nov 2019
Published on 3 Nov 2019
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