Emilie Schario's Handbook

Version 0.4.0

Moving more things from my head to a reference system

iPhone Homescreen

home_screen: apple: settings find iphone app store watch news reminders calculator weather measure facetime find friends contacts wallet books tips clock files feedback travel NordVPN pictures: camera photos hyperlapse video slideshow finance: adp mobile credit karma paypal chase usaa venmo betterment stockpile expensify ally mobile carta travel: maps lyft tripcase allegiant hopper lifestyle: voice memos 1password wordpress notes the calculator okta verify home zeel shipt entertainment: goodreads audible punkpost groupme fitness: health activity otbeat mindbody myfitnesspal studiofit spotify zero phone ynab todoist compass ww_mobile signal slack clue 1SE cozi coursera dock: calendar imessage overcast safari

Last updated on 3 Nov 2019
Published on 3 Nov 2019
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